• About Wassmer Wood

Wassmer Wood was established in 1993 with the goal of providing hand-crafted, hardwood furniture.

Quickly realizing the need for home remodeling and repairs, we have included those services in our company since nearly the beginning, and they form the vast majority of our business. Located in Lafayette, we are a local company serving the Boulder, Longmont, and north metro Denver areas. Our commitment is to our customers. We desire to use our experience in nearly every facet of remodeling to make your living space both useful and attractive, while sticking to your timeline, and your budget.

About the Founder

Michael Wassmer is a carpenter and craftsman. He has been building with hardwood since he made his first cutting board in junior high school. Michael started his career by becoming certified in technical drafting. As a draftsman his interest in creating his own designs led him to pursue a hands-on career as a carpenter. He gained experience working in a custom woodworking department in a production woodworking company and in general building construction. He formed Wassmer Wood in 1993. Michael lives in old town Lafayette with his wife Lisa, and four sons. The home was built in 1886 and was billed as the “crooked old house” when he purchased it. As such, it provides many opportunities for improving his carpentry skills.

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